Predictable disruption - The connected care challenge

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TidTuesday 18/10 - 12:00 (pm)
StedOslo Medtech
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Oslo is one of Northern Europe’s fastest growing city. The Oslo region has a population of 1,55 million inhabitants with the city itself having 640.000 people and expected to increase to 830.000 by 2040. Like other Western European cities, Oslo is also facing a radical demographic shift as the number of pensioners grows. The rise in the number of persons over the age of 60 will result in a rise in the overall cost of healthcare. Furthermore, immigration is also expected to add to the complexity of providing equitable care services to individuals and families.
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In 2015, Norway spent NOK 311 billion on health with long-term nursing care accounting for 28% of expenditures. Today, 223 000 people either live in nursing homes or receive home care services, and SSB projects that every fifth resident in Norway will be at least 70 years of age in 2060.

The Connected Care Challenge is focused on applying technology and design thinking to the issue of providing care to individuals and families in the hopes of discovering innovative services and solutions. Over 2 days participants will be asked to address one of a set of challenges under the ‘Connected Care’ umbrella and work together to ideate, innovate, design, and create. Throughout the event coaching and break-out sessions will take place in order to give participants the support and advice they need while break-outs will allow them to take breaks from the Service Jam to learn something new, coming back refreshed and ready to innovate.

The Service Jam challenges teams to create data-driven prototypes that provide individuals and families with a unique care experience and means to better manage their health. Teams are encouraged to exploit personal technology. Teams will be provided data sets and APIs over Altinn.

The event will be unique due to the fact that participants will be able to access an unprecedented volume of public data through Altinn and Altinn’s mechanism for managing consent. This data can be used to gain insight into elderly care, chronic care management, leverage efficiencies, or applied towards designing new services
and products.
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