Invitation to workshop August 17th 2016

When and where:
Tid08.30 – 13.30
StedVenue: the Informatics building (Ole Johan Dahls hus), UiO, 5th floor
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Theme: Exploring the potential of IHE XDS to enable patients’ access to personal health information

The aim of C3 is "to accelerate the adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems, empower the users and increases growth in the healthcare industry". One category of patient-centric innovations relates to solutions that allow access to personal health information. Significant parts of this information are found in multiple information systems owned by health providers, such as Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems, implying that interoperability is a core challenge.

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve interoperability between clinical information systems. The IHE has described several integration profiles based on existing standards, among them the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile that defines requirements for facilitating content-neutral, cross-enterprise document sharing.

In this workshop we will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by the IHE XDS integration profile for realizing solutions for patients’ access to personal health information. The invited presentations in the workshop will offer an introduction to IHE XDS, seeing its usage in an international perspective, describe the experiences with existing installations in the Norwegian healthcare sector, and discuss its role in regional and national e-health strategies. Presenters come from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, The Directorate of e-Health, Siemens Healthcare, Cerner, DIPS, Accenture, and UiO.

The workshop is open to members of the C3-consortium. Please share the invitation within your organization. The workshop is the first in a series of planned events organized by C3 with a focus on innovative and patient-centric e-health architectures.

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